FT-IR Spectrometers

Thermo Nicolet NEXUS 670 FTIR

Rm 3217, Chemistry Bldg 91

  • Characterization of organic and inorganic chemical reaction products as well as thin material films
  • Sampling accessories for conventional transmission FTIR measurements, Attenuated Total Reflectance accessory for liquids and powders and Diffuse Reflectance Accessory
  • Surface vibrational spectroscopy (PM-IRRAS accessory)
  • Range:400-4000 cm-1
  • Resolution: <0.1cm-1
  • Sensitivity: Peak to Peak Noise (1 minute scan) <5 x 10-6 Abs

Quick Operation Guide Illustrated instructions — Instruction Manuals are available for internal users.

  • For training, please contact Scott Taylor 
  • For cardkey access contact the main Administrative Office.  Please allow 7 days for activation

Training and Access Request for FT-IR