High/Low Temp. Experiments

CP800 SpectrometerHigh Temperature Experiment (CP800 Spectrometer)

CP800 NMR Spectrometer is equipped with a special CPQCI probe which can run high temperature experiments. To set up a high temperature experiments, you need to know the followings:

  1. The CPQCI probe has operating temperature range from 5 °C-135 °C.

  2. Use a ceramic spinner for experimental temperature higher than 50 °C / 323 K.

  3. The maximum temperature should be at least 10 °C below boiling point of the sample solvent.
  4. Set BCU/Chiller power to OFF when you run high temperature experiments, and set it to Medium when lowering the probe temperature back to room temperature. Do not set BCU power to Maximum to cool a hot probe.
  5. Increase temperature in two steps. First set the temperature about 15°C below the target temperature, let it settle there and then step your way up to the end temperature.

Low Temperature Experiment (CP800 Spectrometer)

To run a low temperature experiment, such as at 5 °C, you may need to set BCU / Chiller power to MAXIMUM in temperature control window.