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Fu Chen, Ph.D.Fu Chen, Ph.D.

Director of NMR Center
FAX: 301-314-9121
NMR Office: Rm. B0208A Chemistry Building #091.
NMR lab: Rm. B0208 Chemistry Building #091
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Bin Chen, Ph.DBin Chen, Ph.D.

Assistant of NMR Center
FAX: 301-314-9121
NMR Office: Rm. B0208C Chemistry Building #091.
NMR lab: Rm. B0208 Chemistry Building #091.


Sample submission and Campus user training forms

Samples and request forms can be submitted during office hours to staff members in Room B0208A/C. (see map below for more direction)

IF your group is new to using our facility, please complete the New Account Form, the current service rate is disclosed in the table listed below.

For all samples, please fill out the Sample submission form at the time of sample submission.

  • New Account Form For research groups either from academic or non-academic institutes.
  • NMR-service-rate The form requires either a PO# or departmental FRS number to set up a new account for six months of NMR & EPR Analytical Services.
  • Sample submission For each batch of samples with the same PO# or FRS#
  • NMR Training and Access request Form For UM research group with an existing account to sponsor its student for Practical NMR training. This is only applicable for users who use the facility at least once every two months. Different user rates apply.
  • NMR observation only For visiting students who would gain access but not operate the spectrometer.
  • NMR workshop For advanced 1D or 2D NMR training


Shipping Address

Atten: Fu Chen
University of Maryland
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Building #91 Chemistry Receiving
8051 Regents Dr.
College Park
MD, 20742.


Driving and parking direction

From Capital Beltway, take US Route 1 South, College Park Exit.

– About 2 miles south, just past McDonald’s, you come to the three-lane wide intersection.

– Take a right-hand turn at the traffic light onto Campus Drive.

– Bear right, within 40 feet, right turn onto Paint Branch Drive.

– Go straight, left turn on a Stop sign on to Stadium Dr.

– Go straight, cross the intersection with Regents Dr., the Regents Drive Garage is on the left, guest parking is on the roof.

– Chemistry Building #91 is on the other side of Regents Dr.

– Enter Chemistry Building through Wing II entrance, go down the hallway to the end, on the left go down to the basement, NMR lab is in B0208 and NMR director’s office is in B0208A which is inside of B0208 at the end.


Campus Map


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