Administrative Services

Seminar Room/Equipment Reservations


The copier located in the Mailroom (Chemistry Building, Room 1526), is code accessible and for Chemistry & Biochemistry Department use only. Copier access code # for all 1st year graduate students can be obtained from Cathy Fisanich or Jasmine Penny (Room 1526). All other students should obtain the code from their faculty research advisor.


The FAX machine is located in the Chemistry Building, Room 1526, tel. 301-314-9121. Long-distance faxes must be logged. Long-distance faxes require research advisor approval and are charged to the research advisor. Incoming faxes are placed in the recipient’s mailbox.


Complete and submit the KEY REQUEST FORM to Jasmine Penny, Chemistry Building, Room 1526. Lost keys should be reported immediately to Jasmine.

Lost and Found

Found items in the building should be brought to the Undergraduate Services Office (USO) in the Chemistry Building, Room 1206. At each semester end unclaimed items will be donated or disposed.


The Mailroom is the Chemistry Building, Room 0207. U.S. Mail and campus mail are delivered/picked up twice each weekday.

Mailbox Assignment

To request an individual mailbox contact Jasmine (Chemistry Building, Room 1526).
Your department mailing address is: Your name, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 8051 Regents Drive, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 20742.

Parking Information

Data and Telephones

Repairs, additional services, or changes in existing services should be requested through Jasmine (Chemistry Building, Room 1526).
Activation or Repair of data jacks should be requested through Caedmon Walters. Include the jack ID number (available on the wall plate) and an account number with the request.