Checking Sample Temperature

You may use the following procedure to validate the setting temperature, ranging from 282K-330K. Temperature correction is routinely checked by the facility Note that temperature correction is usually being enabled which should not be altered by users.

  1. Load the 99.8% Methanol-d4 Bruker reference sample.
  2. Lock on Methanol-d4.
  3. Do a round of "topshim"
  4. create a zg30 experiment set; Click on "getprosol" icon to use default pulse length and power level; Set ds=0, ns=1, rg=1.
  5. Type "zg" to run the experiment, and then "apk" to process the data.
  6. type "calctemp D" to obtain the calculated probe temperature. Ideally the calculated temperature should be very close to the settting temperature.