NMR Analytical Services

NMR Analytical Services (High resolution NMR sample analysis)

  • Liquid NMR analytical services and instrumentation on a wide range of samples, using 800MHz and 600MHz cryoprobe systems.
  • Consulting service on NMR methods, sample preparation, and isotope labeling methods
  • Workshops on NMR operation, 1D and 2D experiment setup, and data processing

Experiment Coverage (Please visit Applications webpage to see examples)

  • Routine 1D proton and 1D carbon NMR experiments
  • DEPT, APT for carbon differentiation
  • 2D homonuclei and heteronuclei experiments such as HSQC, HMBC, TOCSY, and NOESY
  • Wide experiment temperature range, 5-135 °C
  • Additional NMR experiments are available upon request.

Sample Submission


University of Maryland, College Park
Biomolecular Sciences Building, Bldg# 296, room 1105
Paint Branch Drive
College Park, MD 20742
Attn: Daoning Zhang


Dr. Daoning Zhang
Fax: (301)-314-0386
Email: zdn3023@umd.edu


Graphs of services

Sample Requirements

  • Sufficient sample amount is desired for reliable NMR analysis.
  • Liquid samples should have a minimum volume of 500 uL in deuterated solvents.
  • The facility provides common deuterated solvents for solid samples.

Data Processing and Delivery

  • Acquired NMR Data will be processed by the facility and sent to the customer electronically, including processed and raw data.
  • Frequent users may request a FTP (file transfer protocol) account for direct data access.
  • There is also a separate computer (Data Processing Station) in the NMR room for users to view and process NMR data.


Becoming an on-site NMR User?

A client with NMR operation experience can choose to run his/her own samples at the facility. Please visit our User Guide web-page for further details.