SampleCase on CP800


  1. NMR tube length limit. Position of the upper injection tube limits the length of NMR tubes in the SampleCase. A Shigemi tube should have less than 400uL sample. Use manual injection procedure below for special long NMR tubes.
  2. Available spinners. Two room-temperature spinners are designated for CP800. Please do not use them on other spectrometers. More spinners are available upon request for multiple sample experiments in automation mode.
  3. Quitting IconNMR Automation mode. To be able to set up an experiment manually in TopSpin after IconNMR automation, you must first click on "Stop" in IconNMR Automation window.

Single-Sample Loading Procedure

  1. Put the sample NMR tube with spinner in any sample position in the Carousel Unit.
  2. If the sample is in position 5, type the command "sx 5" in topspin to inject the sample. Alternatively you may press the blue Rotation button on the Carousel to move the sample to the injection position under the injection tube, then press the green Inject/Eject button to inject the sample.
  3. If you are ready to run another sample in position 8, simply type "sx 8". The previous sample will be ejected, and the new sample will be rotated and injected into the magnet.
  4. To eject a sample, use command "sx ej", or press the green Inject/Eject button on the Carousel.
  5. To remove the sample from the Carousel Unit, first press the blue Rotation button on the Carousel to rotate the sample away from sample injection tube. In this way, you will avoid accidently breaking the sample tube due to limited space between sample holder and sample injection tube. 

Multiple-Sample Experiments Setup

Please visit IconNMR for details

Manual injection procedure for long NMR tubes that won't fit in the SampleCase

  1. Type "ha" in TopSpin to open Hardware Address window.
  2. Click "open" in BSMS block to open BSMS Service Web.
  3. Choose Sample handling, then Sample Transporter Control page.
  4. Switch Lift Mode to Standard BSMS Lift, and then click on "set" button to confirm.
  5. Now you may manually load the sample on top of the magnet using commands "ej" and "ij" .
  6. After finishing your experiment, switch Lift Mode back to "SampleTransporter:PLC on TTY1 of ELCB1" from the same Sample Transporter Control page.