Degree Requirements (Pre-Fall 2023)

Chemistry and Biochemistry majors are limited enrollment programs, with admission based upon satisfactory completion chemistry in high school or at the University. Students can request these majors upon application to UMD, or as current UMD students, as described here:

The specific course requirements for Chemistry and Biochemistry majors are given below. These courses, and all UMD graduation requirements ( ) must be completed to be awarded a B.S. degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry. A grade of “C” or better must be earned in each required majors course. A 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher in the required majors courses.

Both Majors Take the Same Introductory Chemistry Sequence (19 credits) #

CHEM146 (3): Principles of General Chemistry *

CHEM 177 (2): Introduction to Laboratory Practices and Research in the Chemical Sciences

CHEM237 (4): Principles of Organic Chemistry I (with integrated laboratory)

CHEM247 (4): Principles of Organic Chemistry II (with integrated laboratory)

CHEM276 (2): General Chemistry & Energetics

CHEM277 (3): Fundamentals of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry Laboratory

# Students who declare majors later may substitute nonmajors introductory chemistry courses for intro majors courses except for CHEM277

*Exempted for students with AP Chemistry Exam Score of 5


Both Majors Take the Same Supporting Mathematics/Science Courses (20 credits)

MATH 140 (4): Calculus I

MATH 141 (4): Calculus II

Highly Recommended, but not required:  MATH 241 (4): Calculus III

PHYS161 (3): General Physics: Mechanics and Particle Dynamics

PHYS260 (3): General Physics: Vibration, Waves, Heat, Electricity and Magnetism. PHYS260 and PHYS261 (lab) must be taken in the same semester.

PHYS261 (3): General Physics: Vibrations, Waves, Heat, Electricity and Magnetism (Laboratory). 

BSCI170 (3): Molecular & Cellular Biology I

BSCI171 (1): Molecular & Cellular Biology I Lab


Upper Level Requirements for the CHEMISTRY Major (24 Credits)

CHEM395 (1): Professional Issues in Chemistry                          

CHEM401 (3): Inorganic Chemistry                                            

CHEM425 (4): Instrumental Methods of Analysis                       

CHEM481 (3): Physical Chemistry I

CHEM482 (3): Physical Chemistry II

CHEM483 (2): Physical Chemistry I Laboratory

CHEM484 (2): Physical Chemistry II Laboratory                                      

Two required Chemistry Electives (6-credits), selected from:

CHEM399 (1-3): Undergraduate Chemistry Research                 

CHEM403 (3): Radiochemistry                                                  

CHEM433 (3): Atmospheric Chemistry                                      

CHEM441 (3): Advanced Organic Chemistry                              

CHEM460 (3): Structure Determination by Spectroscopy

CHEM474 (3): Environmental Chemistry

CHEM498 (3): Special Topics in Chemistry

BCHM461 (3): Biochemistry I or BCHM463 (3): Biochemistry of Physiology

BCHM462 (3): Biochemistry II

BCHM465 (3): Biochemistry III


Upper Level Requirements for the BIOCHEMISTRY Major (24 Credits)

CHEM395 (1): Professional Issues in Chemistry

CHEM425 (4): Instrumental Methods of Analysis

CHEM481 (3): Physical Chemistry I

CHEM483 (2): Physical Chemistry I Laboratory

BCHM485 (3): Physical Biochemistry or CHEM482 (3): Physical Chemistry II

BCHM461 (3): Biochemistry I

BCHM462 (3): Biochemistry II

BCHM464 (3): Biochemistry Laboratory

BCHM465 (3): Biochemistry III

One required elective from the following BSCI courses:

BSCI207 (3): Organismal Biology

BSCI222 (4) Principles of Genetics

BSCI223 (4) General Microbiology

BSCI283 (4) Principles of Microbiology

BSCI330 (4) Cell Biology & Physiology

One required elective from the following BSCI courses:

BSCI353 (3): Principles of Neuroscience                                     

BSCI410 (3): Molecular Genetics                                               

BSCI411 (4): Bioinformatics and Integrated Genomics                

BSCI420 (3) Cell Biology Lectures                                              

BSCI421 (4) Cell Biology                                                            

BSCI422 (4) Principles of Immunology                                       

BSCI426 (3) Membrane Biophysics                                            

BSCI430 (3) Developmental Biology  

BSCI433 (3): Biology of Cancer

BSCI434 (4): Mammalian Histology

BSCI437 (3) General Virology

BSCI440 (4): Mammalian Physicology

BSCI442 (4): Plant Physiology

BSCI443 (3): Microbiol Physiology

BSCI447 (3): General Endocrinology

BSCI471 (3): Molecular Evolution