Time Reservation

Faces Scheduling System: (Web link; Group name: BIONMR_UMD)

Policies for NMR time reservation:

  1. All users should reserve NMR time BEFORE using the spectrometers.
  2. Accurate time booking
    • Reserving excessive amount of time without detailed planning is NOT encouraged since all the spectrometers are shared instruments.
    • If an experiments is going to run beyond a user's reserved time, the user has the responsibility to contact whoever booked time next regarding the time arrangement. The next user has the right to stop the experiment when his/her time starts.
  3. Time block
    • Maximum block: 7 consecutive days on one spectrometer for a group, then an interval of two or three days before next booking depending on others' NMR time demand.
  4. Advance booking
    • Users can reserve NMR time 4 weeks in advance.
  5. Time canceling
    • A user can cancel or change the reservation 4 hours before the starting time. If within the time limt, a user may send a request to the facility manager for time cancellation or change.
  6. Avoiding interrupting a running experiment
    • At one user's reservation time, other users are NOT encouraged to use the spectrometer computer, to avoid accidentally changing the spectrometer settings or interrupting a running experiment. Any eligible user has a FTP account for data transfer
    • A Data Processing Station is in the NMR room for users to process and view NMR data.

Policy for sample storage at the BioNMR facility:

  1. Users should store their NMR samples in their labs, not in the NMR room. The facility is not responsible for any missing NMR samples. Any unatteneded NMR samples may be removed from the NMR lab without notice.
  2. The 4 C fridge in the NMR room is for storing submitted samples. Users  may keep samples there temporarily (maximum 2 weeks), but the fridge is not a shared storage place. .
  3. Any submitted samples will be disposed of after two weeks if owners don't take them back.