Prospective Students

The Department offers world-class graduate programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Most students apply for direct admission into either the Chemistry or Biochemistry Ph.D. program, choosing the program that best matches their professional interests. All admitted Ph.D. students receive full financial support (stipend, tuition remission) and subsidized health benefits. Each Ph.D. student completes a program of study that combines foundational and advanced coursework, original research and professional training.

Introducing two new faculty members in 2024

Prof. Yu Liu, Quantum Experiments on Ultracold Molecules
Yu Liu  is a chemical physicist specializing in the spectroscopy and chemical reactions of ultracold molecules. He earned his Ph.D. in physics at Harvard University, where he completed the first experimental studies of biomolecular chemical reactions initiated at sub-micro-Kelvin temperatures.

Prof. Hong Zhou Ye, Theory and Simulation of Quantum Phenomena at the Interface of Chemistry, Physics, and Material Science
Hong-Zhou Ye is a theoretical quantum chemist known for developing and applying new computational methods to address chemistry challenges in both molecular and condensed- phase systems.


Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Program Virtual Information Session