Sample Submission

The Mass Spectrometry Facility is located in room 0511 of building 091, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. This building may be located on the UMD campus map. Users should complete and submit a Sample Submission Form (PDF or MS-Word) to room 0511. Users who wish to run their own samples can schedule with the facility manager to receive training on the JEOl AccuTOF (ESI/APCI), Bruker AutoFlex (MALDI), Bruker Maxis-II Q-TOF and JEOL MStation (GC-MS).


Sample Submission:
All samples submitted to the facility must be accompanied by a Sample Submission Form (PDF or MS-Word). This form may be printed out, filled in, and brought in with your sample. The form is also available in the facility. Please provide as much information as possible.

New external users also need to fill in a New Account Application Form (PDF or MS-Word).