Our Location

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry building complex – “Building 91” – is at the intersection of Regents Drive and Stadium Drive. The main Chemistry Building entrance is along Regents Drive, directly across the street from the Regents Drive Parking Garage.

Main Chemistry Office: Room 1526, Chemistry Building (#091)

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking spaces on campus are within designated lots and areas, and require payment (pay stations and credit card meters) from 7 am to midnight daily. Rates and availability are subject to change due to athletic and other special campus events. Visitor parking areas are shown on the Visitor Parking Map. The Regents Drive Parking Garage offers the most convenient visitors parking for the Chemistry Complex.

Map & Locator

Move the street-view tool man anywhere on the roads or pathways on the map below to display and navigate around a panoramic image of our campus community. You may also generate printable directions to or from any location and the Chemistry & Biochemistry Building.

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