Circular Dichroism Spectrometer

Circular dichroism is the differential absorption of left and right-circularly polarized light. It is useful for the characterization of protein structure and thermodynamics or for chiral supramolecular aggregates.

 Jasco J810 Spectro-Polarimeter – Room 3517, Chemistry Bldg 91.

For assistance please contact: Dr. Jason Kahn for project consultation.

Basic operation procedure

Photo of Jasco J810 Spectro-Polarimeter


  • The Jasco J-810 spectropolarimeter has a wavelength range of 190-900 nm, provided by a 150 W xenon arc lamp and a monochromator
  • Sample cells with 1 cm or 2 mm path length are available
  • It is equipped with a water bath for maintaing a constant and uniform temperature, a Peltier device for temperature-dependence from 0-100 C, and a two-syringe titrator for automated addition of denaturants or pH variation.  
  •  Self-service is available for department users after comprehensive training. 
  •  Suggested charge rates: $30 per hr for department users. $100 per hr for campus