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Over the years, Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of Maryland has developed and/or supported many programs and student organizations aimed at fostering the development of all future chemists and biochemists in the Department. These programs and organizations have contributed to the success of our alumni, which include diverse leaders in the chemical sciences. Yet, more is needed to improve the experiences of students, faculty and staff from underrepresented groups in the Department.

Racial Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee (RDISC)

In light of persistent structural racism/inequities exposed by the social unrest in 2020, the Department established a Racial Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee (RDISC). The initial attention of RDISC is on the black experience, and on understanding structures and environments that lead to differentiated personal experiences. The RDISC aims to help the Department identify best practices to foster a climate of inclusive excellence, equity and support for all, and especially understand and improve the experience of black students, faculty and staff. By increasing awareness of systemic barriers and denouncing racism and other forms of discrimination we aim to create and maintain a healthy and supportive climate for all members of the Department, especially for other minority groups.

The RDISC works to identify, develop and implement evidence-based strategies to increase and maintain racial diversity among students, faculty, and staff. RDISC, as part of the Department’s organization, communicates regularly with the Department leadership on its activities and priorities, and works with the Department’s committees, student groups and other campus Diversity and Inclusion (D-I) groups, to achieve inclusive excellence.

The RDISC works to identify and achieve both short-term and long-term goals that will help us realize and sustain a racially diverse and inclusive Department. The RDISC works with the Department to assess climate and track progress towards inclusive excellence for all.

RDISC also works to craft programs and activities needed to build a vibrant and inclusive Department culture.

2021-2022 RDISC Committee Members

Kwaku Dayie, Co-Chair of RDISC, Professor
Jeffery Davis, Co-Chair of RDISC, Professor

John Fourkas, Professor
Iris Harrigan, Research Coordinator
Dolores Jackson, Executive Director
Chris Jarzynski, Distinguished University Professor
Amy Mullin, Professor and Associate Chair of Graduate Programs
Peter Nemes, Associate Professor
Myles Poulin, Assistant Professor
Efrain Rodriguez, Associate Professor
Ross Salawitch, Professor
Lawrence Sita, Professor
Lenea Stocker, Senior Lecturer
Natalia White, Senior Lecturer
Carl Womack, Director of Finance
Undergraduate Student Members: Katya Beltran, Joshua Cooksey, Saul Flores
Graduate Student Members: Darnell Harris, David King, Tianyu Li, Grace Lunde, Patricia Razafindrambinina

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