The Operations Group in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is the conduit to the campus Department of Facilities Management.

Assistance with the following services is available through the mail reflector: chem-fixit@umd.edu

  • housekeeping services and floor cleaning;
  • bulk trash removal
  • repair services (e.g., heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, fume hoods, painting, etc.);
  • moving services, special events set ups and furniture rental (beyond scope of department); and more!

Reimbursable services (refrigeration repairs [freezers, refrigerators, glove boxes], carpentry, electrical, etc.) as well as minor renovation projects can also be arranged through Facilities Management. Call for more information.

Facilities Emergencies

Facilities Management operates a 24/7/365 service call center (Work Control) which anyone on campus can contact at Ext. 52222.

If you are working inside the Chemistry Building and experience any kind of building emergency, at any time, you should call Work Control and report your problem, with emphasis on location and your name and telephone extension.

FIRE EMERGENCIES: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIGHT A FIRE!! If you smell smoke or see a fire, evacuate the building immediately (and pull the alarm as you exit) and then once you are outside, call 911.