3D Triple Resonance Experiments

Your may copy a data set from "expts" folder, or use rpar command to read paramenter set in the bruker library.

Make sure the constants (cnst21, cnst22, cnst23) are consistent through out all your 3D Triple resonance experiments, also set O2P the same as the constant stated in the pulseprogram. If one constant is set different from one experiment to another, the resulting spectra may show same signal with different chemical shifts in carbon dimemsion.

It is highly recommended to run a 1H-13C 2D of the 3D experiment first, just to make sure all the paramenters are set correctly. Signals in HNCA, HNCOCA, HNCACB, and CBCACONH should overlap well. Signals from HNCO and HNCACO should overlap well.