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  1. Hsqcetfpf3gp data

    Go to an existing HSQC experiment (pulse program: hsqcetfpf3gp), type “edc” to copy its parameters and generate a new experiment number. Or in a new experiment number "rpar HSQCETFPF3GP".

  2. Type “eda”, set parameters tdnsdsswO1P and O3P. For 13C and 15N labeled sample, ZGOPTNS should be "-DLABEL_CN".For only 15N labeled sample, leave ZGOPTNS blank.

  3. Type “ased” to set power length and power level for both 1H and 15N, including p1pL1p21pL21pL12, and pcpd2. Or type "getprosol 1H A B" to set power related parameters. A is the pulse length in µs, and B is the power leverl in dB.

  4. Estimate receiver gain using rga command, and Start the experiment using command zg;

  5. Process the FID by typing “xfb”. Phase the spectrum when necessary.

F2 spectra data