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  1. Hsqcetgp data

    Go to an existing experiment (pulse program: hsqcetgp), type “edc” to copy its parameters and generate a new experiment number. Or in an new experiment number "rpar HSQCETGP".

  2. Type “eda”, set parameters tdnsswO1P and O2PCNST2. Note that CNST2 can be different for different C-H bond.

  3. Type “ased” to adjust power length and power level for both 1H and 13C, including p1pL1p3pL2pL12, and pcpd2. Or type "getprosol 1H A B" to set power related parameters. A is the pulse length in µs, and B is the power leverl in dB.

  4. Start the experiment by rga and zg; Process the FID by typing “xfb”. Phase the spectrum when necessary.

Spectrum data