1D Excitation Sculpting

  1. Zgesgp data

    Copy an existing 1D zgesgp experiment (pulse program: zgesgp). Or in an new experiment "rpar P3919GP all" and change the pulse program to zgesgp.

  2. Type eda, in the acquisition parameter window check and adjust td, nsds, sw.

  3. Type ased, in the pulse program parameter window, enter calibrated p1, pL1 values, and O1 determined from 1D zgpr experiment. Or type "getprosol 1H A B" to set power related parameters. A is the pulse length in µs, and B is the power leverl in dB.

  4. In gs mode adjust p12 to achieve minimum FID area integral.

  5. Start the experiment by rga and zg;

  6. Process the FID by typing “dfp”, and phase the spectrum when necessary.

Zgesgp spectrum data